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Is online learning still popular after the pandemic ended?

75% of college students took distance education courses in 2020. Leaders should know that this is still a popular option post-pandemic.

How one coaching program connects leaders to students in a lonely world

"The ability to connect with another human to bounce ideas off of is going to become even more important when an increasing percent of the internet is auto generated," says Casey Clark, a dean at Western Governors University who recently earned his coaching certification.

Community is the cure: Combatting online learning’s loneliness epidemic

The challenge lies not in the medium but in how it's structured. Institutions can do more to foster the essential communal aspects of traditional learning to combat the loneliness of remote learning.

CIOs struggle to streamline personalized communications, hurting enrollment targets

85% of CIOs concerned with declining figures believe providing students with a top-notch digital experience is key to turning things around, according to a new trends report by Ocelot.

Course-sharing? Make sure you follow these 4 quality assurance checks

As quality assurance tightens across online learning, colleges and universities can now better gauge how much value course-sharing consortiums are providing to students.

Distance education via online learning may be in a for a huge shake-up due to this proposal

While an agreement that allows smaller schools to provide online learning free of complicated compliance measures may be in peril, some experts believe the need for stronger consumer protection outweighs the negatives.

Online learning is on the verge of besting the traditional classroom, report finds

The Changing Landscape of Online Education found that faculty resistance, lack of proper infrastructure and concerns about quality are keeping some chief online officers from meeting increased student demand.

Online learning needs a makeover as demand continues to grow

Across the globe, higher education institutions work tirelessly to build and maintain a record of excellence for quality educational experiences, and that same effort and strategic mindset should be applied to online education.

President’s corner: How Rob Vischer balances growth with century-old values at University of St. Thomas

Eight months in, the University of St. Thomas' president discusses cultivating the mind, body and spirit of America's "loneliest age cohort" while delivering "world-class employment outcomes."

President’s corner: David Decker embraces tech trends to keep enrollment rolling at Franklin U

"You have to be open to fertility," Decker says. "You can’t just sit there and say, 'Nothing’s good except what we’ve been doing for the last 40 years.'"

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