President moves: Temple finally nabs its next leader

Temple University has unanimously selected a veteran president following three years of leadership instability. Also: another president caught in the crossfire of recent campus protests steps down.

President moves: UCLA snatches a leader from Miami

University of Miami President Julio Frenk is switching coasts in January to take on the top job at UCLA, becoming its first Latino president. University of Washington's longtime president is sticking to her planned resignation date.

Northwestern president defends his leadership in new antisemitism hearing

Northwestern President Michael Schill deferred, denied and even outright refused to answer questions, making the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce's third hearing on campus antisemitism the most confrontational yet.

The 3 presidents facing faculty backlash for stamping out protests

As presidents ratchet up their measures to snuff campus protests, utilizing law enforcement and threats of suspension and arrest, faculty are increasingly becoming more disdainful toward their institutional leadership. 

President moves: Administrators prove popular picks as next leader on the job

Three college administrators—including one president—will be coordinating goodbye parties at their current institutions as they prepare to move on to bigger opportunities elsewhere. 

Is higher education leadership changing? Here are 3 warning signs

As technological transformations and new student demands challenge higher education's legacy operations, these leaders are pushing for transformative—and perhaps controversial—change. 

President’s corner: How John Nicklow keeps ‘Florida’s STEM University’ nimble in changing times

"A strategic plan is somewhat useless today," Florida Institute of Technology President John Nicklow says. "Our industry partners are changing rapidly, so our plan better as well."

Today’s strategic planning: Backward design to move an institution forward

Forward-thinking institutional leaders should take inspiration from their faculty colleagues and embrace the backward design we more often see in syllabus writing to create an engaging, transparent and accessible process for strategic planning.

President moves: 2 decade-plus leaders step back after a job well done

Plus, one former policy leader walks into D.C.'s American University following a highly accomplished tenure at James Madison University.

To what extent is this chancellor’s First Amendment rights protected? Experts weigh in

Former University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Chancellor Joe Gow has been let go of his duties as chancellors after the academic community discovered pornographic content online featuring him and his wife. Gow and his wife accuse the university of violating his free speech.

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