President moves: Yale taps next leader, plus more hires abound

Maurie McInnis, current president at Stony Brook University in New York, takes the reins at a tumultuous time following continued protests over the Israel-Hamas war.

President moves: 2 leaders entrusted with restoring harmony

At least six four-year institutions have hired a president in the past two weeks. Among them, two are walking into rough waters as each institution endures a year of upheaval and controversy. 

President’s corner: Is Marcus Thompson the perfect leader to restore JSU’s reputation?

Amid Jackson's continuing water crisis and its premier university's revolving door of former leaders, first-time President Marcus Thompson wants everyone to know he's here for the long haul.

President moves: Retiring leaders shine as they conclude 10+ years of service

The majority of the college leaders transitioning in or out of the president position in the past two weeks have demonstrated excellence in one of higher education's top executive positions.

President moves: New hires abound, 1 retires following a 20-year stint

A higher ed leader heavyweight steps into her mother's alma mater. While a 20-year presidential tenure is one to celebrate, one decade-old stint is souring following academic cuts.

President moves: February breathes fresh air into these leaders’ careers

One month into the spring semester, these seven colleges and universities are seeing big changes to their leadership.

President moves: A historic hire, a retirement and 1 leader on leave

It was a quiet week among presidents' comings and goings. A first-time female leader is beginning her career and one long-time leader is in his twilight. Plus, one president has been placed on administrative leave in the wake of an administrator's suicide.

Why you need to teach your business school students to lead like a coach, not a boss

Bad news for bosses: Those who frequently consider communication one-way down the chain of command are less likely to succeed in the brave new world of business.

President moves: Big time hires, retires and 2 leaders crash out

The higher education president landscape experienced significant leadership changes during the closing weeks of 2023.

President moves: One U.S. Rep, one alumna make for big-time hires

Some college boards are choosing unconventional candidates for the president position to grant it a fresh pair of eyes and a bold new direction. 

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