Department of Education

Here are 2 developments that could compromise the DOE in the next year

Title IX, student loan forgiveness and federal oversight over institutions are in the crosshairs of two Republican-led initiatives with the power to overhaul public higher education.

Is higher ed underpriced? New bill would slash education budget

The FY 2025 bill, approved by an appropriations subcommittee, would cut funding in half for campus-based aid and slash the Student Aid Administration budget by 26%.

We’ve fumed already. Now, it’s time for action to return trust in FAFSA

At Antioch, we are doing our part to deliver the core promise of American higher education. Members of Congress and the Department of Education must return the favor.

Mergers and acquisitions: Don’t let finances blindside you

Consolidating can be the lifeline for smaller colleges. However, such the financial shock that drives the transaction often comes by surprise. Here's what to look out for and what steps to take if a merger is inevitable.

Biden moves back on the offensive on student loans, targets “runaway interest”

President Joe Biden is following through with a plan B to alleviate the country's student loan crisis, pivoting away from blanket relief for all borrowers to focus on those struggling with growing balances.

Distance education via online learning may be in a for a huge shake-up due to this proposal

While an agreement that allows smaller schools to provide online learning free of complicated compliance measures may be in peril, some experts believe the need for stronger consumer protection outweighs the negatives.

A frustrating year results in drastic declines in FAFSA submissions

Nearly 57% fewer high school seniors have submitted a new FAFSA form compared to last year's numbers. Could delays and technological errors be to blame?

These 6 schools are under investigation for hate on campus

The Department of Education has opened investigations at six colleges and universities for alleged Title VI shared ancestry violations since the outbreak of the war in Palestine and Israel.

Grand Canyon University, Feds rumble after for-profit slapped with $38 million lawsuit

"I've talked to literally thousands of people in group and individual settings, and I'm getting the same message: This is government overreach, this is the weaponization of a department that has an opinion that isn't shared by anybody else," GCU President Brian Mueller said.

How the DOE’s gainful employment rule puts your federal aid dollars at risk

Estimates find the ruling will protect approximately 700,000 students, and about 1,700 programs will fail at least one of its metrics.

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