Community Colleges

Community college students want more clarity on their career paths

Most community college students have a career in mind. But many also lack information about the paths that will get them there.

Spring report: Non-credential programs drive enrollment as bachelor’s, postgrad falter

Since Spring 2020, non-degree offerings at for-profit colleges have exploded by 115%, contributing to the sector's third consecutive year of positive enrollment growth.

State legislation and college partnerships aim to bridge the nation’s nursing shortage

Recent state legislation and partnerships have greatly improved institutions' abilities to pump out a skilled workforce by improving student resources and offering flexible. affordable bachelor's degree attainment opportunities.

Community college students hit an academic ceiling, report finds

Student enrollment may be eyeing a comeback, but the number of community college students transferring to 4-year baccalaureate institutions continues to fall off a cliff.

New initiative seeks to boost value of community college degrees

The Aspen Institute and CCRC have invited ten community colleges to participate in a program that can reprogram their values to boost the likelihood of students landing high-paying jobs or being admitted into universities.

All but three community colleges saw enrollment declines this fall

The numbers represent a slight improvement from the start of last school year, when enrollment dropped by more than 5,000 students.

3 ways community college presidents can navigate an uncertain future

While history suggests community college enrollments increase in times of crisis, the reality in the age of COVID-19 is very different.

Community colleges redefine town-gown

Thom Chesney, president of Brookhaven College, often meets donors who have never taken a course at his community college in northern Dallas, nor had...

Community college engagement and funding connections

Supporting local economic and civic projects is a central part of the mission for community colleges that rely on voter approval for funding. In Kansas,...

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