college closure

The human toll of rampant college closures

More than 50 public and private nonprofit colleges have closed, merged or announced closures since March 2020, and over half of the students whose institutions shut down did not re-enroll.

After “exhausting all avenues” to avoid going under, Notre Dame College closes

At least 14 nonprofit colleges announced they were closing last year. New York had the most institutions to close with three, followed by Wisconsin with two. Notre Dame College's closure marks the first in Ohio since then.

The College of Saint Rose closes, sparking uproar from community

Students frustrated with the abrupt notice and lack of transparency took to The College of Saint Rose's official public announcement to voice their concerns, booing Board Chair Jeffrey Stone a few minutes into his speech.

King’s College will not close despite staff layoffs and cancelling fall classes

Additionally, King's College's accrediting body has stripped its accreditation, citing the school's failure "to demonstrate that it can sustain itself in the short or long-term."

Medaille University closes following a once promising acquisition agreement

Following Trocaire College's failed acquisition of its neighboring Buffalo private school, Medaille University is closing its doors, displacing around 1,600 students.

Natural disasters, lack of interest leads to the closing of American University

Damages from two $100 billion hurricanes have finally sealed the fate of this 60-year-old private university, which was unsuccessful in its efforts to bring a merger to fruition.

Did emergency funding create a crutch for the Connecticut college system?

"We're about to fall off that cliff," said Higher Education Co-Chairman Gregg Haddad referring to the reliance the state system placed on one-time federal aid investments, such as the American Rescue Plan.

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