Report finds Latino, Black students in L.A. experience higher education inequities

It recommends that universities prioritize on-time graduation, outreach and community-building efforts.

Latino and Black students in Los Angeles continue to face disparities in enrollment and resource allocation within institutions of higher education, according to a February report.

In the report, The Campaign for College Opportunity, a foundation that seeks to make college education accessible for all students, discussed the issues Latino and Black students face as they seek admission to institutions of higher education with an emphasis on the LA area. According to the report, the COVID-19 pandemic was a key factor in reducing Latino and Black enrollment in the LA Community College District, as these groups faced more difficulties with housing, health care and other resources because of the pandemic.

The report found that Latino and Black students from the LA Unified School District have had lower levels of A-G requirement completion. The A-G requirements are a set of courses California high school students must complete in order to become eligible for University of California and California State University admission.

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