Online classes begin for medical students forced to flee Ukraine

However, many universities are shorthanded because some instructors have joined the Ukrainian Army or are volunteering for rescue operations.


Online classes are set to begin or have recently begun for most universities in Ukraine, providing much relief for medical students who were stuck in a lurch after they were forced to abandon their studies in the face of war.

Many students who returned home after the Russia-Ukraine war broke out on Feb. 24, 2022, were uncertain when they could resume their education. The introduction of online learning has provided a degree of reassurance that they will have the opportunity to complete their courses.

Medical students told The Hindu that they were informed of the move to online learning through mail. Many are heaving a sigh of relief. “Even if it’s online, I’m happy that there is some continuity,” Raifa, an undergraduate medical student, told the publication. “My college has mailed me about online classes starting soon.”

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