No More Lines: How Virtual Queueing Transformed Student Services at SPCC

Original airdate: Tuesday, July 19, 2022, at 2 pm ET

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In the age of on-demand service, colleges and universities are under tremendous pressure to deliver a safe and efficient student experience. However, services such as financial aid or counseling often rely on archaic systems that lead to issues that affect student safety, accessibility, and the overall campus life experience like long lines, inability for social distancing, and lack of insight into data. Combined, these problems make it harder for students to access the help they need safely.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Dr. Malinda Daniel at South Piedmont Community College transformed their campus with virtual queueing technology to deliver accessible services to students without compromising their safety. Additionally, you’ll learn from Kelly Kliner, Director of Sales at QLess, about the importance of using technology to provide easy access to campus services.

You can expect to take away:

  • Ways technology improves student safety and accessibility to student services
  • A deep understanding of virtual queueing technology
  • Knowledge of how to identify challenges, research solutions, and implement new technology systems on campus


Dr. Malinda Daniel, Executive Director of Learning Innovations, South Piedmont Community College

Kelly Kliner, Director of Sales, QLess

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