Meeting the changing expectations of today’s students

Jenzabar provides a solid digital foundation for a student-centered approach

Who is today’s college student?

A new student is emerging. Fewer than half of today’s students fit into the 18- to 22-year-old demographic—now they are 18 to 80. Many students work part time or full time, or have families. They are digital natives. Ninety percent of them have smartphones and half have access to tablets 24/7. Just as when they shop, bank, travel or go out to eat, they have high expectations for higher ed. Many students need online course options. Colleges and universities need to change to meet these expectations in order to thrive.

How can higher education adapt?

There is no longer a one-size-fits-all path through higher ed. Google, Amazon and Facebook changed our way of living and learning. Students are looking for a more personalized and connected experience. Schools that provide that experience can grow. Competitive pressures are growing, and it is more difficult for institutions of all sizes—especially small colleges—to attract and retain students. Digital transformation is imperative for long-term survival. It is no longer an option or something that can be delayed.

What can institutions offer to keep up with students’ needs?

Students expect institutions to provide several things. First, they need a flexible education program. They want the flexibility to choose how and when they will learn. Second, students require a connected experience. They are more mobile than ever and expect to interact with schools in the same ways they do with their peers. Third, they need 24/7 information. The new student wants online access to everything and to innovations as soon as they are available. They want to succeed and see a clear path to success.

How does Jenzabar help meet the needs of the emerging student?

Jenzabar has been purpose-driven since inception. We are driven by student success, and taking a student-centered approach requires a solid digital foundation. Cloud technology is changing the way society uses technology, and millennials’ expectations are driving the shift to cloud technology. The cloud is the digital foundation for today and the future.

Jenzabar One is cloud-based specifically for higher ed. It gives institutions the competitive edge they need to meet enrollment and retention goals. It streamlines operations and enables institutions to be agile and responsive to competitive pressures. Because it is cloud-based, institutions are mobile-ready and better equipped to leverage new, innovative technology.

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