LGBTQ college students allege discriminatory treatment at Christian schools

Students and allies hope to put an end to Title IX's religious exemption, which they say can be punitive, even while federal law otherwise prohibits it.

When Jace Dulohery started school at Oklahoma Christian University in 2020, no one knew he was transgender. He had already begun to medically and socially transition, and no one questioned him living in male housing his freshman year.

However, when he opened up to a resident assistant about being trans that year, the information made its way up the administrative ladder at the school, which is affiliated with the Churches of Christ.

Eventually, he said he was forced to live in private housing.

“There’s just no room for a normal college experience when there’s actual discrimination happening,” Dulohery told ABC News. “This is not Christian behavior. This is not loving. This is not merciful. This is not compassionate. This is not of God. This is harmful.”

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