Leveraging Benchmarking Data to Understand Your Investments: Perspectives from Oregon State

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Since COVID has impacted finances across higher education, it’s never been more important to understand your investments. One way to accomplish this goal is to use benchmarking data to understand and evaluate the return on administrative human capital investments. Is your spending in line with your peer institutions? If not, is there a compelling reason why? Are there ways you could reallocate or reinvest your funds?

Join us for a webinar and hear Oregon State University share how they are using their benchmarking data to better understand their ROI. Hear examples of outcome metrics being used in conjunction with benchmark data in areas such as student success.

If you are trying to address either of the following questions as part of your role, this session is for you:

    • How benchmarking can be used to evaluate the return on administrative investments?
    • Can you identify areas on your campus where outcome metrics can be evaluated to better understand ROI?


Nicole Dolan, Director of Budget Development, Oregon State University

Ranjani Kirtane, Director of Research, HelioCampus

This event is sponsored by HelioCampus.

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