Initial estimates show fall enrollments up at several public universities

Just as the recent Covid-19 outbreak continues to surge in many parts of the country – typically in the form of the highly contagious Delta variant – hundreds of colleges and universities are welcoming students back to campus. Many are hosting their first day of classes, almost all of them via live instruction in classrooms, a far cry from the remote learning that was so prominent a year ago.

With those re-openings, college leaders are eager to see what their enrollment numbers will look like. While fall attendance is always of major interest in higher ed circles, the anticipation has been especially pronounced this year, given the enrollment struggles that many institutions have endured throughout the pandemic.

At several major public universities, the early reports are encouraging. It’s important to remember that almost all of these figures are preliminary; they won’t be official until two or three weeks from now. But here are a few of the recent enrollment estimates at leading public universities.

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