How a new platform lets students choose their own college tutors

Knoyo combines peer-to-peer tutoring with college counseling

A new online platform that combines on-demand academic tutoring with peer-to-peer college counseling is connecting K-12 and higher ed students.

The National Society of High School Scholars launched Knoyo in January with more than 200 college students serving as tutors for students at all K-12 grade levels.

A key element of Knoyo is that K-12 students can choose their higher ed tutors based on subject matter expertise, common interests and other elements of a tutors’ profile, says James Lewis, president of Knoyo and the National Society of High School Scholars.

“It’s a community of learners that can connect on various subjects and where high school students can develop a friendship with an honors university student who can represent the experience of getting into an institution,” Lewis says.

For example, a high school student who needs math help and intends to study engineering in college could select a tutor from a top engineering university, he says.

Along with getting academic help, the high school student can ask about applying to the university, choosing housing on-campus and other topics. This is especially beneficial during COVID when fewer high school students are able to take on-campus tours, Lewis says.

Tutoring may become even more important as colleges and universities shift their admissions focus to students’ GPAs and away from standardized test scores, Lewis says.

Knoyo was developed by a diverse team of 18 college students in collaboration with The National Society of High School Scholars.

The tutors are enrolled across the higher ed spectrum, from community colleges to the Ivy League. The flexibility of Knoyo’s service allows the tutors to set their own schedules and work from their dorm rooms or any other location.

“Our tutors have diverse knowledge and diverse perspectives,” Lewis says. “The cool thing is that if you’re a student in elementary, middle, or high school, you can connect with a great college student who has the same passions and shared experiences.”

Matt Zalaznick
Matt Zalaznick
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