Effective tech change management: Promoting positive experiences

A conversation with UB Tech® 2019 speaker Beverly Magda from Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

The following is a Q&A with Beverly Magda, associate provost of strategic partnerships at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Pennsylvania. She will be speaking at UB Tech® 2019 in Orlando during the session “Fight the Resistance: Managing the Effects of Technology Change.”

Why might team members be resistant to tech updates and changes?
People in organizations may resist change because they feel it has been forced upon them. They have not been involved in the project planning or been asked for their insight; they are concerned about how the technology change will affect their jobs negatively.

This kind of behavior is not new. There is a history of resistance to technology change, going back hundreds of years to the Luddites, a group of English textile workers that took to destroying machinery, and to the introduction of the steel ax in Yir Yoront tribe of the aboriginal people in Australia.

We have been pushing technology change in organizations, but yet we do nothing to understand the effects of that change on the people of the organization.   

How can administrators manage this?
It’s important to involve those affected by the change early on in the process, and to provide adequate training and education.

What’s a takeaway you wish you knew earlier to help with tech adoptions
Organizations are made up of people. And people may have their own preconceived notions and fears or have heard urban legends about technology changes gone awry.
As technology leaders, we need to consider the human element when managing and leading technology change projects.

Beverly Magda will also be speaking on networking for women in leadership during the Women in Technology pre-conference.

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