Digital communication rises from a low priority IT task to major marketing responsibility

As recently as 10 years ago, the campus website was not viewed as a legitimate source of marketing, nor was its upkeep considered the responsibility of communications professionals.

“In most cases, the ‘webmaster’ was part of the IT team, because the website was seen as highly technical,” says Karine Joly, executive director, Higher Ed Experts, a provider of professional development and online training for web marketing and communications professionals.

Now, however, thanks to the Web 2.0 revolution, a university’s marketing and communications leaders tend to run the campus website. In “Gone Digital, Going Strategic: Dawn and Rise of the Digital Professionals in Higher Ed,” Joly’s featured session at UBTech 2015, she will discuss how this change happened. She will also share the skills and strategies communications leaders used that made becoming drivers of a crucial part of the campus possible.

“For senior professionals, the quick overview will show how far digital professionals have gone and where they will go next,” says Joly. “For younger professionals, it will be an opportunity to see how this wave of innovations was handled by the previous generation and what strategies they can use to prepare for the next decade and what it will bring.”

To attend UBTech and have the opportunity learn best practices for digital professionals from Joly, click here to register for the conference.


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