Construction Watch: Florida panel hears how state colleges move money to pay for capital, maintenance


The Florida House Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee found the state’s colleges move money around from funds as a matter of necessary routine to pay for capital projects and major maintenance. One example: Gulf Coast State, which had to pay $800,000 for emergency building repairs after Hurricane Michael. Read more

More construction news:

University of Colorado officials held a ceremony to break ground on construction of a 64,000-square-foot addition to the Imig Music Building to address “insufficient and substandard” spaces for those in the College of Music. Read more

One of Marist College’s newest laboratories has nothing to do with science. The New York school’s “retail laboratory” will provide students with the hands-on experience needed to run boutique shops. Senior fashion students in the retail entrepreneurship course will build a store from the ground up, from concept and design to management. And, the concept changes every two weeks. Read more


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