CCUMC to feature sessions at UB Tech® on active learning spaces and AV

The upcoming UB Tech conference, June 10-12 in Orlando, will feature four sessions presented by program partner CCUMC that focus on transitioning to active learning spaces, managing AV with a decentralized system, and more.

Among the presenters are representatives from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, the University of Georgia, American University in Washington, D.C., and the University of Central Florida.

Attendees interested in helping faculty transition to active learning spaces will be interested in a session by two representatives from the University of Central Florida, who will describe how they brought together faculty from several colleges to put together training materials for colleagues who will be teaching in the active learning classrooms in coming semesters. This session will detail the outcomes of that process, share sample materials developed during the process, and break down lessons learned from the first cohort to go through the training.

Notre Dame’s educational technologist, Jim Spencer, will share the university’s experience with offering more small technology spaces across campus while using fewer user interfaces to control them. This session will address how users of technology have changed their expectations over time, and the thought process behind Notre Dame’s automatic designs and integrations. Attendees will also learn how wireless collaboration and BYOD video devices can both help and hurt this sort of a control scheme.

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Melissa Nicefaro
Melissa Nicefaro
Melissa Nicefaro is UBTech’s deputy program director.

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