AV Integration track at UB Tech® 2019 to feature sessions on voice controlled devices, networked AV and more

The upcoming UB Tech® conference, June 10-12 in Orlando, will feature a program track dedicated to AV integration with sessions on AV project management, voice control, lesson capture, networked AV and more.

Among the presenters at these 12 AV sessions are representatives from University of Scranton, University of Georgia, the University of Maine System, University of Utah, Lone Star College and other universities. Sponsored presentations in this track include sessions by Extron and Sennheiser.

Attendees interested in comparing their AV infrastructure with practices across higher education will be interested in a session called “Survey Says: 2018 College and University AV Benchmark Survey,” with Craig Park, principal at the Sexton Group. In this session, attendees will hear the process, results, and conclusions drawn from the survey, and participate in an interactive dialogue regarding the trends and issues impacting campus technology departments today and into the future.

In an AV track session entitled “To Zoom or Not to Zoom,” presenters from the University of Maine system will discuss the trend of web conferencing in classrooms, highlighting the solutions they explored in both hardware and software, and how the final selection was implemented. Participants will also hear how they developed standards for classroom consistency in these spaces that allow for innovation and different teaching styles.

For more information about UB Tech visit www.ubtechconference.com.

Melissa Nicefaro
Melissa Nicefaro
Melissa Nicefaro is UBTech’s deputy program director.

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