Kermit S. Randa

Kermit S. Randa is CEO of Kaufman Hall’s software division.

4 ‘new normal’ priorities for higher-ed finance leaders

While sought-after colleges are experiencing surges in applicants, new data shows that community colleges are struggling with enrollment.

As pandemic continues, reforecasting a priority for finance teams

5 tips from a higher ed financial software executive on reforecasting to address the “new normal” for colleges and universities

COVID-19 redefines the campus CFO role

Higher ed’s “new normal” brings new leadership expectations, with evolving roles for now, the near future and within the next few years and beyond.

COVID-19: How the higher ed business model is changing

Five college and university financial leaders share insights on operations, enrollment, state funding, cash flow, opportunities for savings and investments, and more in a Q-and-A with UB guest columnist Kermit S. Randa.

How can CFOs overcome the struggle to follow the money trail?

Data is key to improving financial performance, but 76% of higher ed finance leaders say they lag other industries in adopting modern tools and processes, making it difficult to follow the money trail and use data to guide decisions, says UB guest columnist Kermit S. Randa of findings from a new Kaufman Hall report.

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