Emily Ann Brown

Considering AVaaS? 7 things you need to know

The latest as-a-service offering that’s caught the attention of AV administrators could make it easier for higher ed institutions to manage audiovisual systems—or not. If you’re wondering whether AVaaS is for you, check out what stakeholders are thinking.

What exactly is AVaaS?

While questions abound, the new AV as a Service model offers higher ed institutions the benefits of accessing and using a range of tools—with lower up-front costs.

How AI is changing America’s classrooms

Teachers College at Columbia University convenes experts at a conference to tackle tough questions about the state of artificial intelligence in education and its implications for the future of teaching and learning.

Student Success Story: Reaping the benefits of online student associations and clubs at Saint Leo U

Saint Leo University launched online clubs and associations seven years ago to help military and civilian students acclimate to college life. Students who are involved in the university’s extracurriculars tend to do better academically and complete their degrees.

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