Academic Esports Conference and Expo announced by LRP Media Group

The first-of-its-kind event will be dedicated to esports and academics, and provide the tools and structure needed to help launch and advance esports programs and transform learning.

LRP Media Group is launching the inaugural Academic Esports Conference & Expo, to be held October 19-21, 2020, at the Hilton Chicago. 

The conference, the first to be completely dedicated to esports and academics, will provide K-12 and collegiate administrators, esports faculty and technology leaders with the tools and structure needed to help launch and advance esports programs and transform learning for all students.

“We are excited to be hosting a conference for K-12, higher ed and technology partners that blends the cutting-edge world of esports with education,” says Chris Burt, Academic Esports Conference Chair. “The global esports industry is $1+ billion and growing every day. One of its fastest-growing segments is in schools, where the benefits for students are immeasurable. Our event will provide attendees with unprecedented insight from top experts on the best practices for not only implementing a successful program but also taking it to the next level.”

As with LRP Media Group’s Future of Education Technology® Conference and UB Tech® Conference, the event will offer a robust learning experience. In addition to  in-depth sessions on implementing and administering esports, attendees will learn strategies that leverage both academics and the latest technology to make programs run well. 

LRP Media Group has more than 40 years’ experience in education technology for K-12 and higher education professionals, plus three years in esports professional development, which will make the Academic Esports Conference & Expo the place to learn it all—from developing curriculum development to coaching student-athletes to selecting games.

“To be able to get advice and instruction from the best in the field and then be able to network with those thought leaders and top vendors is really unique,” Burt says. “We are gathering input from experts in the K-12 and higher-ed space who are at the forefront of building programs and heading associations, and who understand the ever-changing nature of gaming and its impact on education. It will be an incredibly fun, collaborative learning environment for attendees.”

Esports is experiencing tremendous growth, especially among students who play the games and connect with their peers regularly through them. Educators recognize the value of not only bringing together students at school but utilizing esports to help them forge career paths through well-developed curriculum plans.

The Expo Hall will showcase top esports solution providers and allow attendees to get hands-on and in-depth experience with the technologies and services available.

“The Academic Esports Expo Hall is designed to facilitate face-to-face opportunities and collaboration with exhibitors and sponsors,” says Kenneth Williams, Conference Sales Manager. “Our goal is to help educators create constructive gaming environments that expand learning, participation, and inclusion through esports.”

Registration for the Academic Esports Conference & Expo will open in February. 

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