A few tips for training online and remote instructors

'Faculty exchange' program allows presenters to share videos to provide feedback

Often, presenters who record themselves will do a quick check to make sure everything is working, but they rarely review the entire video, experts note.

That’s why encouraging instructors to rehearse is as important as training them to spot potential noise disruptions, says Ian Wilkinson, the director of technology support services at Texas Tech University’s College of Media & Communication.

Because some people have a hard time watching themselves on video, Wilkinson recommends a “faculty exchange” program in which presenters share their videos so they can provide each other with feedback.

Asking students for feedback is another way to improve video presentation skills—and ensure high-quality audio. “You should listen to the people who have to consume your content to get their grade and move on through school,” says Wilkinson, a long-time speaker at UB Tech.®.

At Pace University in New York, George Chacko, the senior manager of A/V services, and his team offer presenters tips such as making sure microphones aren’t pointing at audio speakers.

Readers who are in rock bands know, of course, that the wrong placement can cause feedback.

Also, Pace educators are encouraged to host videoconferences from smaller rooms, where there will be less echo and the environment will be easier to control.

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Matt Zalaznick
Matt Zalaznick
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