A Beginner’s Guide to World Domination

Alfred University course asks "How realistic are movie supervillains?"

A Beginner’s Guide to World Domination

Alfred University (N.Y.)

Taught to honors program undergrads by Associate Professor of Psychology Danielle Gagne and Associate Professor of Astronomy David DeGraff, who jointly came up with the idea of a class about supervillains when discussing re-running a class called “The Science and Psychology of Superheroes”

“The comics and movies are full of evil villains who want to take over the world. How realistic are these schemes? How realistic is the psychological portrait of these people? How many scientific principles need to be bent in order for them to accomplish their tasks? In this seminar we will discuss graphic novels and movies that portray supervillains and the science and psychology behind them, with the ultimate goal of making a final project of how you plan to take over the world after you graduate.”


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