6 times your college would greatly benefit from an event management system

Using technology to improve campus event planning and promotion

From guest lectures and alumni gatherings to orientations and weddings, special events constitute a key part of campus life and a college’s relationship with the broader community. Event management software for universities provide schools with greater control over everything from booking spaces to ordering food, linens and equipment. The technology—available from Aventri, EMS Software, CVENT and other providers—especially helps large institutions where more than one department plans and manages events.

Here are six scenarios of challenges that higher ed leaders usually face without an event management system or without a robust system—and six ways this technology can help.

Scenario #1: Your college uses an event scheduling system but it doesn’t have enterprisewide data, and employees must manually enter data when booking rooms—resulting in mistakes such as double bookings.

Solution #1: Newer event management platforms offer a campuswide look at room availability and also allow students and staff to directly request space anytime, anywhere.

Scenario #2: Your security team doesn’t know where students are during events or at any time of day if there’s an emergency on campus.

Solution #2: With enterprise event management technology, security staff or emergency responders can see at a glance exactly where an event is being held and how many people are in attendance.

Scenario #3: You need to find ways to save paper and printing costs on event handouts, but attendees need information.

Solution #3: Some event management systems incorporate mobile apps that allow attendees to individualize their event experience. As new information becomes available, such as changes to room and location availability around campus, these apps let event planners provide updates in real-time.

Scenario #4: Your institution handles event promotion centrally. However, most departments post their own special dates—such as financial aid application deadlines—on internal web pages and within the student portal rather than on one designated platform.

Solution #4: Event publishing systems can post dates simultaneously on numerous platforms, such as your website’s homepage, the academic calendar and the student portal.

Scenario #5: You need a way for attendees to RSVP and even make a donation through the same system.

Solution #5: Using event management software for universities , staff can post “save the date” and other announcements, including how to get tickets. Some platforms allow people to purchase tickets online and ways to donate even if they don’t attend events.

Scenario #6: Your event planners spend so much time manually booking that they can’t conduct more site visits with campus clients and attend key activities.

Solution #6: Most systems can perform various tasks, from storing room diagrams and contracts to communicating with setup crews and requesting audiovisual equipment, housekeeping or caterers. This will free up a bulk of your staffers’ time so they can focus more on ways to enhance your events.

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