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President’s corner: A lesson in humility for first-time president Thomas Burns of York College

First-time president Thomas Burns, nearly four months into his tenure, has developed his nascent leadership style into one that prioritizes humility and open ears.

President moves: Milestone hires and dramatic exits start off the month

Kim Mooney is Franklin Pierce University's first alumna and woman to become president. The same goes for another HBCU alumnus leader.

Paths to the presidency: The status quo remains despite slight shifts

The American College President Study (ACPS) 2023 Edition found that the majority of today's leaders still fit the status quo of nearly 20 years ago: white, 60-year-old men. However, the rate of women at an institution's helm has increased by almost 12% since the turn of the century. 

After a ‘no confidence’ vote, JSU sits its seventh president since 2010

Dr. Elayne Hayes-Anthony's commitment to "integrity; also, transparency and accountability" will attempt to right the wrongs of their most recent president—and maybe even those that came before him.

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