Why we must improve opportunity and accessibility for adult learners

As a college based in the UK, the choice and opportunity for adults reentering education tends to be limited. However, through intentional design, we can create an ecosystem friendly to adult learners.

Leaders, students are on different pages when it comes to supporting degree completion

Anthology's latest research paints a telling picture of where communication streams are mixed on what it takes to support students on their way to a degree.

These 3 states’ immigration struggles are spilling into higher ed. How are schools responding?

States facing a shortage of resources to support a yearlong influx of migrants are turning institutions' gymnasiums and shacked-up dorms to shoulder some of the weight. Responses from the schools and their communities have been mixed.

An algorithm for success: Redesigning college based on student data

Turning this golden age of data into tangible action requires questioning long-held beliefs about what works and what doesn’t.

Existential threat: Students worry AI will replace their skills and knowledge

A report by Momentive found that students believe AI renders their critical thinking skills obsolete, echoing similar alarms other professionals have sounded about the powerful technology.

More than half of college students relied on mental health care in their youth

With nearly 1 in 3 high school girls in the U.S. having seriously considered suicide, the surge in adolescents' internal struggles speaks to the need for data-driven, equitable mental health resources on college campuses.

Emotional stress drives 55% of students to consider withdrawing

The yearly rate of students considering withdrawing continues to climb, with emotional stress the main culprit. Those who fare best: students who report supportive faculty and peers as well as access to adequate campus resources.

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