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The University Business Podcast: Why we must generate “good stress” in the classroom

Classroom engagement is still recalibrating since the pandemic, and it will take a group effort to build us back stronger, two leaders at Bryant University's Center for Teaching Excellence propose.

How one coaching program connects leaders to students in a lonely world

"The ability to connect with another human to bounce ideas off of is going to become even more important when an increasing percent of the internet is auto generated," says Casey Clark, a dean at Western Governors University who recently earned his coaching certification.

How does college student mental health compare to K12?

Several factors play into why college students might be struggling more. First off, the rate of parents being aware of their child's struggles is far lower once they're in college.

Community is the cure: Combatting online learning’s loneliness epidemic

The challenge lies not in the medium but in how it's structured. Institutions can do more to foster the essential communal aspects of traditional learning to combat the loneliness of remote learning.

Student success leaders discuss new tips on student interventions, campus involvement

Leaders at Texas State University and Diablo Valley College discuss tackling student mental health challenges surrounding academics and isolation in a webinar hosted by TimelyCare.

The 3 factors holding at-risk students back from graduating

Nearly a quarter of today's undergraduate students have seriously considered leaving school or were nearly dismissed, according to a new Sallie Mae study conducted by Ipsos.

Student-athletes are at double the risk of suicide than they were two decades ago, study

Researchers found that between July 2002 and June 2022, the rate of NCAA varsity athlete deaths by suicide rose to 15.3%, an alarm-raising jump from 7.6%.

Poor mental health among community college students linked to lower persistence rates

The Community College Research Center's working paper concluded further research should study whether "college initiatives aimed at enhancing mental and financial well-being may influence students' academic outcomes."

Leaders, students are on different pages when it comes to supporting degree completion

Anthology's latest research paints a telling picture of where communication streams are mixed on what it takes to support students on their way to a degree.

Faculty—not just students—are stressed out and considering leaving, per survey

Students' sustained mental health issues, among other job pressures, are feeding faculty and staff stress and anxiety, according to TimelyCare. 

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