Looking to target Gen Z students? Take some notes from your adult learner playbook

As savvy, digital native students gain more data on college prospects, their preferences are starting to mirror adult populations.

3 marketing strategies to help you move from undergrad to lifelong learning models

Recognizing that alumni are not mere one-time customers, but ongoing beneficiaries in need of support long after the first graduation holds the potential to transform both the higher education and workforce landscapes.

President’s corner: Bridgewater College wants to change the narrative on higher ed

Bridgewater College is among a handful of private institutions to embrace a tuition reset. "This is one of those moments where it's about stepping out and being a leader and being part of a national dialogue about the real value of higher education," says President David Bushman.

Online students: Who are they and how can you win more of them?

Thirty percents all students enrolled in higher education in 2021 were enrolled online. As online study rises in the mainstream, schools can start with these tools to earn their favor.

Enrollment boomed post-pandemic at these schools. Here are 4 ways they will keep up.

Last year brought in the largest freshman class Bethune-Cooman had seen in more than 10 years and a 34% net tuition increase. With federal aid drying up in June, however, they intend to capitalize on an unexpected spark.

U.S. News rankings out, digital marketing in?

With Colorado and Rhode Island College of Design opting out of U.S. News Best College Rankings, a flood of other schools may follow suit. Is your school prepared to market itself effectively in the digital, consumer-first age?

Getting creative: How higher ed is finding solutions to post-pandemic problems

Young adults aren't as readily pulled toward a degree in higher education as they once were, and colleges need to stay on pace with them if they aren't looking to be left behind.

UB op-ed: Developing a cohesive earned media strategy for your capital campaign

It's thrilling to be associated with an institution when a capital campaign is launched. The campus environment becomes electrified. Capital campaigns spark enthusiasm among...

Making memories on campus

Most of us in higher education enjoy planning for and attending special events. From formal occasions to casual functions, colleges and universities have long...

‘One size fits all’ no longer applies for effective higher ed donor communications

Have you noticed a recent change in fashion? I’m talking about a subtle yet important change with ball caps. That’s right—ball caps. In the market...

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