legacy students

Top 1% students are twice as likely to being admitted to Ivy-Plus schools, per report

While test scores are no longer a requirement across many institutions, such as the majority of Ivy Leagues, most students would not miss out on a chance to tip the scales in their favor. However, 99% of candidates must face an additional roadblock to their admission: not being sufficiently wealthy.

Several prominent universities end legacy admissions in light of affirmative action ending

The number of Pell-eligible and first-generation students has increased by 10% or more since Johns Hopkins University stopped legacy admissions in 2013.

‘Difficult to justify under any circumstances’: Are legacy admissions coming to an end?

Applicants at Penn will no longer be exclusively considered based on their legacy status. With Harvard tied up in the Supreme Court over a similar case, Penn's decision might be the first sign of a massive shift.

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