Financial aid

Financial aid: How big is the support in your state?

Some states spend as little as $36 per undergraduate student on average, a new Scholaroo analysis suggests. How does your state support its students?

Financial aid offices: How to stop a massive employee exodus

Financial aid offices were already struggling with staff shortages, a lack of representation and other personnel challenges when the FAFSA fiasco struck higher ed. A new report offers strategies to retain staff.

What can private institutions do about the middle-class squeeze?

As institutions increase their need- and merit-based scholarships to assist families from opposite ends of the economic spectrum, middle-class students are left with fewer options—and higher bills.

What can institutions do about the rise of ‘ghost students’?

In July 2021, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office discovered that about 20% of the state's college applications were scams.

Fuel to the fire: FAFSA complications cause further delays

Another series of hiccups this financial aid cycle has deferred institutions from assisting needy families four to five months than in years past.

These access and affordability programs geared toward high schoolers reap great results

Whether by providing financial aid or direct admission, high school students are getting excited about these initiatives easing their entry into college.

Soft launch troubles turn the FAFSA Simplification into a headache

The Education Department implemented a "soft launch" of the form on its website last week, but glitches, crashes, and extremely limited available windows have bled past its official launch date and into the new year, and it's yet unclear how long they will last.

FAFSA delayed until Dec. 31: How does this complicate your admissions team?

With the flurry of higher ed staff processing and packaging aid offers, reviewing financial aid appeals and counseling students on the changes, NASFAA is asking the Department of Education to work closely with financial aid offices to protect underresourced students from the lightning-quick turnaround. 

One university’s answer to the FAFSA fuss: Making their own forms

Assumption University, a Massachusetts private university, plans to dodge the headache of the new FAFSA implementation with its own form that promises to provide applicants as early as next week.

UChicago pays $13.5 million settlement to group accusing it engaged in price fixing

The suit called 17 elite schools a "cartel" and "gatekeepers of the American dream" for defrauding students of hundreds of millions of dollars in financial aid.

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