With stopped out adults returning, where should you focus?

Colleges seeking to recruit adults taking another shot at earning a credential may have the best luck with one specific demographic, which earns credentials at nearly twice the rate of their peers.

Is online learning still popular after the pandemic ended?

75% of college students took distance education courses in 2020. Leaders should know that this is still a popular option post-pandemic.

Spring enrollment may be big relief for struggling colleges

Undergraduate four-year institutions have essentially made up all of their enrollment losses since 2020 following a 2.5% spike this spring, according to the latest estimates from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.

Higher ed funding: A look at 2 surprising trends

Higher ed funding, particularly at the state level, is not going in the direction one might expect at public colleges and universities a few years after the economic turmoil of the COVID pandemic. And neither is enrollment, according to a new analysis. 

The 5 subjects proven to give undergrads the best wage premium

Despite fear that college enrollment is declining, a new academic study published by Sage Journals reveals that certain subjects are seeing big numbers. The deciding factor? The lifetime earning premiums they offer.

Enrollment growth: 5 ways to maximize your investment in data

It’s no secret that many institutions are facing enrollment challenges. The institutions who are aggressively re-evaluating their business model and prioritizing innovation above all else have a leg up on their competition.

The 5 qualities that make the Southeast and Southwest enrollment standouts

They are the only two regions to feature four-year institutions that collectively experienced positive enrollment increases between 2017 and 2021, according a new report from EAB.

The academic schedule is a barrier to student progress and outcomes

Academic schedules are a foundational degree progress strategy, yet too many administrators consider it a way to meet faculty—not student needs.

These are the states with the highest student enrollment rates

Michael Dinich, founder and CEO of Wealth of Geeks, believes each state's enrollment reflects state policies supporting students on their postsecondary academic journey. Of the five states with the highest rate of college-going learners, four prove this is the case.

How colleges, universities can ensure the success of their Latinx students

Whether it be introducing bilingual degree programs or scoping out medical professions sorely in need of a diverse workforce, these two institutions are leveraging the uptick in Latinx population growth to boost their brand.

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