Community college students are returning to four-year institutions, up nearly 8% since last year

Even more promising is the fact that this uptick in enrollment is mainly driven by students coming from economically disadvantaged groups. 

These 8 states’ 4-year schools have the highest graduation rates for upward transfers

College leaders should be hard-pressed to understand which state institutions are ensuring their transfer students' success, considering one in five students entering public four-year institutions is a community college transfer.

Common App growth fueled by underrepresented minorities, lower-income students

The races/ethnicities fueling this growth were Latinx applicants (13%) and Black or African Americans (12%).

These access and affordability programs geared toward high schoolers reap great results

Whether by providing financial aid or direct admission, high school students are getting excited about these initiatives easing their entry into college.

Looking to target Gen Z students? Take some notes from your adult learner playbook

As savvy, digital native students gain more data on college prospects, their preferences are starting to mirror adult populations.

These colleges are making new campuses with old parts—and growing along the way

Colleges and universities nationwide are purchasing shacked up buildings and transforming them to increase their academic offerings, student perks and enrollment prospects.

Black enrollment is up at this university thanks to this service that aids student belonging

Black students offered Nearpeer to connect with others at California State University, Northridge were nearly 17% more likely to enroll, complete their first year and return in fall 2023 for the new academic year, according to a report.

International student enrollment post-pandemic hits biggest stride, tops 1 million

The 12% year-over-year increase is the fastest international student growth rate in more than 40 years and the largest in Open Doors' history.

Why your school needs to adopt curricula in computer and information sciences

With rising student demand and workforce prowess, degrees embracing these digital STEM fields can reap high enrollment and grant impressive ROI. Some institutions have already adopted it into their longstanding programs this year.

With Gen Z students loving non-degree pathways, here’s how higher ed leaders can adapt

Nine out of 10 Gen Z high school graduates who are either pursuing or pursued a non-degree alternative, like credentials, report being satisfied with their decision, according to a survey from the American Student Assistance and Jobs for the Future.

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