Trends 2024: Which universities will place greater emphasis on critical thinking?

Colleges racing to evolve their academic programs may be overlooking critical thinking, an essential skill students need to survive an ever-shifting marketplace driven by employer expectations and evolving tech trends.

President’s corner: Bridgewater College wants to change the narrative on higher ed

Bridgewater College is among a handful of private institutions to embrace a tuition reset. "This is one of those moments where it's about stepping out and being a leader and being part of a national dialogue about the real value of higher education," says President David Bushman.

Support for first-year students may be key this fall. Here are 4 ways to ensure you’re ready

Some first-year students may still be struggling to cover ground academically and psychologically, thanks to the pandemic.

New college presidents: Take some advice from this six-year veteran

While the role of college president has sometimes been referred to as “an impossible job” in the headlines, it certainly doesn’t have to be. Here are a few specific helpful tips gained from my own experience.

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