Student learning revisited: How these educators empower their assessments with AI the right way

Educators are uprooting classic reading- and writing-based assessments as student use of ChatGPT and related generative AI tools become increasingly common—and effective.

ChatGPT Edu makes its higher ed debut. Here’s what’s included

This latest iteration of the generative AI chatbot unlocks enhanced capabilities for schools, including the option to build custom GPTs and improved functionalities such as data analytics and document summarization.

ChatGPT, AI policies—and international students?

ChatGPT should be discussed as part of international student orientation, and the trick is to introduce the technology in a way that focuses on how to use it correctly.

AI and plagiarism: Why higher ed must now adjust

AI detectors like Turnitin and GPTZero are turning in false positives on students' use of AI, and it is becoming harder and harder for educators to determine how often their students are using the tool.

Why the college essay will never be the same due to AI, related technologies

With an unclear purpose, students' proclivity to lie and emerging technologies that can create better prose out of generative AI text, what are admission offices to do with the college essay?

3 ways faculty and administrators are embracing AI beyond the classroom

"People are 100% using AI right now for accreditation writing," says Glenn Phillips, former director of assessment at Howard University. "I know several folks who have ChatGPT open on their browser at all times. They're using it whether you want them to or not."

How admissions offices worked around court rulings and tech trends to uphold core values

The Common App marks the latest front for colleges and universities to maintain their dedication to diversity and integrity amid emerging roadblocks.

Instructors want to encourage AI use among students. First, they need guidance from leaders

Many teachers are using the technology to prepare students for a future inevitably accompanied by AI. But few educators have received guidance from administrators on how to do so.

Despite concerns, only 3% of colleges have developed student policy on AI

However, firsthand use of generative AI changed administrators' beliefs about the need for regulation. Only 14% of those who use it believe it will negatively affect student learning.

How should we teach with AI? The feds have 7 fresh edtech ideas

Keeping humans at the center of edtech is the top insight in the federal government's first stab at determining how colleges should teach with AI amid concerns about safety and bias.

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