alternative credentials

Interest in career pathways beyond the status quo is growing. Should higher ed be worried?

Gen Z students are getting a big boost in support from their parents and educators in pursuing alternative pathways. What about college?

President’s corner: How Carrie Hauser spearheads the region’s workforce needs at Colorado Mountain College

Intertwined with this Colorado region's wealthy ski resort economy is Colorado Mountain College. How can President Carrie Hauser support local rural students against Aspen's exorbitant property value?

With Gen Z students loving non-degree pathways, here’s how higher ed leaders can adapt

Nine out of 10 Gen Z high school graduates who are either pursuing or pursued a non-degree alternative, like credentials, report being satisfied with their decision, according to a survey from the American Student Assistance and Jobs for the Future.

Digital credentials: Higher education’s new frontier

Higher education professionals, industry leaders and state legislators are beginning to recognize its revelatory potential to foster the next chapter of academic equity, workforce access and attractive program offerings.

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