This is the biggest misperception keeping Hispanic students from attending college

Universities looking to attract more first-generation Hispanic students should be assured they don’t need to know what to study before they arrive on campus.

Expanding accessibility on campus for all

Physical accessibility is still crucial and a top concern, but many university leaders now pursue broader accessibility goals that emphasize options for everyone on campus.

Higher ed must step up to close the internship access gap

More schools must market internships' value and improve their accessibility, regardless of how students learn, live, or who they are.

Why higher education must be reinvented to suit the new generation of students

Institutions must reconsider fostering coming-of-age experiences for young adults as its main business model to a knowledge service whose programs are as fluid as tomorrow's students, according to an Ernst & Young report.

Mental health: The nation needs help. Higher education can fix it.

While the nation commemorates mental health awareness month this May, too many Americans struggle to access critical care. Higher education can make a career in mental health more attainable.

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