Security without Barriers: Enabling Secure Remote Access for Your Campus

Date of broadcast: Thu, 05/14/20
The sudden shift to remote working and online learning has radically changed how technology is deployed and used. Institutions must continue protecting their digital assets, but their strategies must evolve to support this new reality. This means reevaluating goals and standards of success when it comes to cybersecurity.

Attend this webinar with an IT security leader from Virginia Tech and a higher ed cybersecurity expert from FireEye for a discussion on how to adapt a college or university cybersecurity strategy to this new environment, and how to explain the new cybersecurity landscape to your stakeholders.

Topics will include:

  • How implementing cyber resilience and a Zero Trust framework can better protect your assets whenever and wherever they are
  • How these changes can help maintain the open and collaborative environment needed in higher education
  • New ways to explain your security program goals to stakeholders

Scheduled speakers:

Randy Marchany

University IT Security Officer

Virginia Tech

Christian Schreiber

Higher Education Cybersecurity Lead


Who will benefit:

Higher ed leaders interested in technology or cybersecurity. Anyone may attend.

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