HP executives headline UB Tech® pre-conference summit

Today’s university leaders are tasked to ensure the technologies that they adopt for their “Campus of the Future” will positively impact their academic world.

At a pre-conference summit at the UB Tech® conference in Orlando, June 10-12, HP’s Director of Edtech Innovation Mike Belcher and Distinguished Technologist & Director of Education Elliott Levine will discuss ‘Meeting University Challenges in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.’ Belcher and Levine will examine how today’s latest technologies can address real-life trends impacting students, faculty and the institution.

Topics covered at this summit include:

  • What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
  • How additive manufacturing (3D printing) will transform engineering, manufacturing and business.
  • The power of eXtended Reality (XR) for creative design and situational learning.
  • Innovations in scalable and effective online virtual classrooms.
  • Why device security remains the most overlooked vulnerability.

For more information about UB Tech visit www.ubtechconference.com.

Melissa Nicefaro
Melissa Nicefaro
Melissa Nicefaro is UBTech’s deputy program director.

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