Mental health

Student-athletes are at double the risk of suicide than they were two decades ago, study

Researchers found that between July 2002 and June 2022, the rate of NCAA varsity athlete deaths by suicide rose to 15.3%, an alarm-raising jump from 7.6%.

Poor mental health among community college students linked to lower persistence rates

The Community College Research Center's working paper concluded further research should study whether "college initiatives aimed at enhancing mental and financial well-being may influence students' academic outcomes."

Faculty—not just students—are stressed out and considering leaving, per survey

Students' sustained mental health issues, among other job pressures, are feeding faculty and staff stress and anxiety, according to TimelyCare. 

Student affairs leaders get real on counseling after COVID

In a panel hosted by TimelyCare, two student affairs leaders explain how they remain invigorated to help students despite the professional and logistical challenges that higher education has faced in the last three years. 

Us against the world: How are higher ed’s latest trends impacting the U.S. and Canada?

Instructure's latest report discovered that U.S. and Canadian students are behind in adopting AI and are the most afflicted by mental health concerns, among other findings.

The 5 main reasons students seek mental health counseling

"Knowing the trends of what's going on with students can help inform them on their initiatives, what to bring onto their campus and what resources to promote," says Erin Andrews, Uwill's Director of Clinical Affairs.

More than 80% of students are at least as stressed as last year with fall semester looming

The Supreme Court's rulings this summer had strong implications for a recent survey by TimelyCare. More than half of students reported stress or anxiety around its decisions on striking down affirmative action (53%) and denying Biden's student loan forgiveness (60%). Students submitted responses in July 2023, when the rulings were still top of mind.

Study: Limiting student social media use to 30 minutes lowers depression and boosts outlook

These survey results come two weeks after the U.S. Surgeon General testified before a Senate Health, Labor and Pensions Panel advising social media to be given a warning label due to its contribution to youth mental health becoming “the defining public health issue of our time.”

“The future of healthcare”: How one college may have the leg-up on student wellness

Thanks to a $200 million donation, University of California, Irvine, is tripling down to its commitment to integrative medicine with the newly constructed Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute, which conjoins the Henry Samueli College of Health Sciences.

Which mental health strategies should be embraced—or avoided? Check the data

Skill-training strategies, such as mindfulness, boast consistently positive evidence of improved social-emotional skills. Gatekeeper training, however, needs another look.

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