Mental health

College students and mental health: Does geography play a role?

Data indicates that students in certain college towns have higher levels of stress than others. The University of California in Berkeley, CA, for example, is known for its reputation as the "workaholic" UC campus, thus making it the most stressed college town in the U.S.

”We cannot out-hire this need”: College counselors are at their limit

As student mental health concerns intensify, high demand is beginning to affect the staff trained to help them, a new report shows.

Mental health remains the top concern for students

TimelyMD's 1,200-student survey reveals mental health to be the top stressor—again— as students enter spring semester.

Holiday stress: 7 reasons students don’t feel merry and bright about winter break

Here's a big winter break paradox: A holiday stress survey finds that most students feel supported—and stressed out—by their families.

A new generation of students brings new challenges. Here are 5 solutions

Student success leaders may now be operating with less experienced teams as mental health replaces academic achievement as the top priority on many campuses, an analysis warns.

Yale students sue the university for ‘systemic discrimination’

The 41-page lawsuit alleges that the school pressured current and former students to withdraw while turning a blind eye to their mental health disabilities.

Goldrick-Rab resigns as Hope Center leader, tenured professor at Temple

She says the decision to step down wasn't 'taken lightly' but that 'Temple is not the right home for me and my work advancing affordability.'

Monkeypox and COVID-19 are not concerns for college students, but these 4 issues are

As campuses open, stressors remain from the pandemic, but two hint at cost and affordability of higher ed.

College confidence: Why 40% of students are thinking about withdrawing

A new report reveals the two biggest factors driving indecision and uncertainty among families.

Why college leaders must watch out for these 5 obstacles this fall

Despite long-range positivity, there remain concerns in areas around student affairs, including retention of faculty and staff.

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