Higher education is losing in the game of digital transformation. Time to get back on track

Students who have grown up immersed in technology expect more than many institutions currently provide.

Reimagining student services: Providing support in a hybrid world

By striking a careful balance of digital and in-person resources, institutions can design a new hybrid student experience far better suited for the varied needs of today’s students.

Undergraduate student workers as union employees

Student organizing is a very real possibility and colleges and universities should understand what union recognition and bargaining mean for their institutions.

Research universities are shortchanging their storytelling

Universities might start to think about crafting and socializing a compelling research narrative much like they would a fundraising campaign narrative.

Reducing the risk of higher education partnerships, mergers and acquisitions

For those institutions eyeing a future transaction, conducting strategic and operational due diligence is a critical – and yet often overlooked – step.

Simpson University: Anatomy of a spiritual and financial turnaround

How one small Christian university brought itself back from the brink of financial failure.

What’s your return on investment to your university?

When was the last time most faculty, staff, and administrators were asked to demonstrate their value to the success of the university?

The impact of audio quality in education must be moved to the front of the class

Whether it’s minimizing background noise or amplifying the teacher’s voice, achieving the correct balance and quality of sound will enhance the students' overall quality of learning.

AI and higher education: Job security is NOT in jeopardy

Rather than view AI as a threat, higher education can leverage it, freeing up faculty and staff to spend more time having meaningful interactions with students.

Post-pandemic travel: 3 ways higher ed can increase study abroad enrollment

Following a survey of U.S. college students that shows heightened demand for study abroad, here are three ways to encourage and breathe new life into programs on campus.

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