In higher education, communication is the new marketing

A communications strategist offers five principles for effective communications that build trust.

Saving higher education: Lessons learned from fall semester reopenings

With unprecedented challenges and low enrollment rates, universities and colleges need to reflect on their priorities for a successful next semester.

Public regional comprehensives’ time to shine

These universities have risen to the occasion in applying the scholarship, research and unique capacities of their faculty and staff in responding to the COVID crisis, says the chancellor of the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Prioritizing virtual social interaction in student organizations

A collegiate leadership honor society president offers five ways campus administrators can encourage virtual student interaction this school year to improve student mental health and overall academic success at a time when support is critical.

Tackling web accessibility: 5 tips for colleges and universities

With hybrid and online learning formats getting more attention than ever before, accessibility needs are coming to the forefront, according to one higher ed industry executive.

Helping nontraditional students overcome challenges amid COVID-19

The pandemic has further complicated the higher ed experience for nontraditional students but student affairs teams are scaling their services to provide this resilient student segment greater support.

University survival tips: Leveraging digital media for success

How to take digital media strategy to the next level to promote brand awareness during the pandemic, according to a digital advertising executive

Preparing the campus to prevent a COVID-flu “twindemic”

Colleges and universities should take certain steps now to guard against a combined outbreak this year, says the chief medical officer of a telehealth provider that partners with higher ed institutions.

As higher education expands online, what’s subject to tax?

Revenue from online education is creating new sales tax obligations for higher ed institutions, but the rules vary widely by state.

Hard realities, high hopes: Reimagining the higher education ecosystem

As we navigate the perfect storm that is the confluence of COVID-19, its resultant economic upheaval, and structural racial issues, we must reimagine the higher ed opportunity ecosystem of our nation. 

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