8 things to learn about successful chief diversity officers

Within and outside higher education, diversity-equity-inclusion-accessibility belonging is in the spotlight, and the chief diversity officer—or its equivalent—is a hot commodity.

Mandatory COVID vaccines for students: Legal pain point or panacea?

A highly vaccinated student body could allow campuses to reopen more fully but some states may prohibit universities from requiring inoculations.

4 ways to help students succeed in an upended job market

While some experts have predicted a return to pre-pandemic employment numbers by the end of 2021, college students are still at a disadvantage.

In praise of ‘non-instructional’ spending

From IT to student support services to marketing, there’s value in investing outside of the classroom — for both institutions and students alike.

6 things students should know about education tax credits

Even though the tax deadline was moved out a month to May 17, it’s a good time for students to get paperwork in order to see if there are tax savings to be had for the 2020 tax season.

Why evolving college admissions are leaving SATs and ACTs behind

SATs and ACTs can’t measure strength of spirit, study habits or maturity. Determining the right answer to a standardized test question doesn’t necessarily involve artistic, creative or innovative thinking.

5 benefits, 5 challenges of cloud computing in higher education

Cloud computing offers significant advantages to education but what do administrators need to know before moving forward?

How strong is the relationship between your CFO and provost?

Chief academic and financial officers who share data better can have an impact much greater than the sum of their parts.

3 keys for higher ed safety and success post-COVID

The investment made to support remote learning during the pandemic can be an investment in expanding future courses while also keeping tuition costs down.

How to meet the challenges of ‘returning to normal’

Some insights into the key considerations for providing safe educational environments as higher leaders navigate the post-COVID-19 transition.

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