Academic Integrity in the Age of AI: Developing Effective Policies for Higher Ed

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Date & Time: Tuesday, August 6th at 2 pm ET

As AI continues to evolve, institutions must assess the adequacy of existing policies, but higher ed leaders must also develop new guidelines to address the unique challenges and opportunities that AI presents.  

What policies can minimize threats to academic integrity, while still promoting the potential opportunities presented by AI?  

In this 20-minute UB Ed Talk, a strategic consultant and former higher ed leader will discuss the complexities of integrating AI into academic settings, and how to ensure that new policies align with institutional values, while emphasizing fairness, transparency, and safety.

Topics will include: 

  • The debate between using existing academic integrity policies versus developing new, AI-specific policies 
  • The principles of trustworthy AI and how they can guide policy development 
  • The importance of having a cohesive policy framework with departmental flexibility 
  • Strategies for effective communication and coordination of AI policies across institutions 


Darcy Hardy, Founder and Chief Strategist, The Hardy Group 

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