Who’s joining the list of colleges cutting tuition?

Tuition is being slashed by as much as 25% as colleges and universities provide additional student aid

Another wave of colleges and universities are cutting tuition as COVID convinces campus leaders to stick with online and remote learning for the fall semester.

John Hopkins University in Baltimore, which will conduct all courses online, has reduced tuition by 10%  for the fall.

It will also provide an additional $14.8 million in need-based aid for students who experienced financial disruptions during the coronavirus pandemic.

And students who receive need-based aid for off-campus housing and who agree to stay home this fall will get additional funds to cover the costs of living at†¯home.

Tuition aid for the workforce

National University in San Diego this week announced an even deeper tuition cut of 25% for undergraduate students.

Its board of trustees has also doubled scholarship amounts so Pell-eligible students can attain a bachelor’s degree at no cost and created at $30 million scholarship for displaced workers.

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Finally, the university’s  Fast Track Scholarship gives students a fourth tuition-free course for every three courses completed within a six-month period.

“Colleges are going to have to think differently if we are going to make good on our promise of economic mobility in the face of mass economic trauma,” said Dr. E. Lee Rice, a National University trustee. “During the great recession, we saw profound job losses for workers without degrees, but only 3.2 million of the jobs added during the recovery went to that population.”

10% tuition cuts

Rowan University in New Jersey has cut tuition and fees to $12,938, a 10% overall reduction that will save students about $1,4oo savings in 2020-21.

“The University was able to provide this added support through broad cost-reduction initiatives, but more importantly, through people rethinking how we best serve our students, taking on more responsibility and, frankly, doing even more with even less,” Ali A. Houshmand, Rowan University president, said in a statement.

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As part of a decision to remain online for the fall, University of Pennsylvania leaders have announced a 3.9% tuition cut, freezing tuition at last year’s rate.

The university also slashed its general fee the fall semester by 10% and will refund any housing and dining students have paid.

Also in Philadelphia, West Chester University of Pennsylvania will offer students six free credits during its winter and summer sessions.

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Matt Zalaznick
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