Waste providers on game day fumbles

By: | Issue: September, 2017
August 23, 2017

What might an institution do to avoid mistakes in executing game-day waste plans?

“When greening your game day, it’s important to work with stadium vendors to procure materials that you know can be recycled, composted or reused to ensure higher diversion. Education is key, as changing consumer behavior takes time. Be clear and consistent in what you ask fans to do on game day.”

Janette Micelli, manager, external communications, Waste Management

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“The biggest mistake a university can make is starting too aggressive on a recycling program without understanding the additional costs and labor required from both the university and vendor.

“Extra costs could include provision and delivery of equipment and signage as well as the labor force needed to move and potentially post-sort materials. Start small and get the purchasing department involved in writing a very specific contract so everyone is on the same page with expectations and charges.”

Aaron Donley, sales manager, Sanipac

“Have more than enough recycling containers with signage to differentiate waste from recycling bins for proper disposal. Also, place the waste and recycling containers in close proximity to one another.  The easier we can make it on fans to recycle, the more successful the effort will be.

“Collaborate with stadium operations and facility departments to also engage staff and vendors to properly educate and inform them on the recycling program.”

Len Christopher, general manager, Republic Services