UB Tech® 2019 social media: Feed activity you need to see

Highlights from the social scene behind our higher ed technology conference

With a total of 909 tweets with a potential reach of 653,959 Twitter users, the social media chatter leading up to, during and just after UB Tech® 2019 was buzzing. Even for higher ed administrators who couldn’t make it to the show, the #UBTech feed is worth a look for valuable insights and advice for anyone whose life involves using technology on campus.

From June 5-13, 144 Twitter users contributed digitally to the conference conversation, with 69 of them tweeting at least twice.

And the most active awards go to …

Outside of the official conference profile, @ubconference, the IT director at Casper College in Wyoming earns a big shout-out for the highest number of original tweets: 99. This administrator, Kent Brooks (@kentbrooks), was also the most liked user, with 92 tweet likes, and the top photographer, with 22 conference images shared.

Brooks shared a video taken outside of the conference center on his arrival day—during a thunderstorm—that got nearly 100 views. He noted it had been 30 degrees when he left Wyoming that morning, and pointed to a danger sign about alligators and snakes as proof that he wasn’t at home.

His posts focused mainly on the new, highly popular #esports track and on the keynotes.

Getting the most engagement was Brooks’ photo of a slide from @TheEsportsProf covering how to reach a gamer. (No, your college’s popular Facebook and Twitter accounts won’t cut it. Gamers are on Twitch, Discord, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Snapchat or TikTok instead.)

Another popular @kentbrooks tweet got posted during the keynote from Gary Kayye of rAVe [Publications] as Kayye made a point about Gen Z: “When you were a kid and the president was on TV and he was on all 4 channels and there was nothing else to do. This generation has no concept of such choice limitations.” Kayye (@gkayye) and fellow keynoter Nido Qubein (@nidoqubein) were the most-mentioned individual Twitter users on #UBTech posts.

The @rAVe[PUBS] account generated 88 tweets on the conference, many of them sharing videos from their roving reporter team on the expo floor. The videos are available on the company’s UB Tech microsite.

Top #UBTech post engagers

Many attendees remained active on Twitter by retweeting to get the word out about all the big moments at #UBTech. The top retweet engagers were Adam Januszkiewicz (@ajanuszkiewicz) from exhibitor Kivuto Solutions and NAECAD (@TheNAECAD), the National Association of Esports Coaches and Directors that officially launched at UB Tech.

Januszkiewicz also posted a highly popular original tweet: “Strategy should drive process and technology, not the other way around.,” which was a quote from Ryan Peatt (@KivutoSolutions).

Another big retweeter with an attention-grabbing tweet of her own was Donna Petherbridge, vice provost for academic technology innovation at North Carolina State University. During the Women in Technology pre-conference summit, @dtpetherncsu relayed this message to her followers: “You can’t be what you can’t see. … a call to all of us about the importance of increasing diversity in tech and leadership so others can see what is possible.”

In fact, that sentiment sums up nicely what administrators, exhibitors and staff got out of UB Tech® 2019: seeing what’s possible when technology, in all its forms, helps to bring higher ed to a better place.

Source: Tweet Binder report of #UBTech hashtag, June 5-13, 2019


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