Technology providers on Internet of Things

What is the biggest misconception higher ed leaders have around the need to prepare for campuswide IoT?

“It won’t concern them … it’s just an IT thing. Technology underpins everything in higher education, administration, academics and IT. The IoT is about every connection on campus and it can drive improved outcomes—intelligent connections deliver efficient operations and improve safety and security, while video and collaboration provide better teaching and learning.”

—Renee Patton, U.S. public sector director of education, Cisco

“It’s a ‘nice-to-have’ and not a necessity. Or, it’s too complicated to start. IoT is a game-changer in many industries. You can start small or go big. Lots of options. It could be the same for higher ed. IoT enhances people’s lives where they work and live. Why not where they learn?”

—John Irwin, senior vice president, education, AT&T

“Leaders underestimate how IoT will revolutionize education. Our survey showed CIOs are handling IoT within BYOD planning. Although security and privacy are serious concerns, they can be addressed with the proper diligence. Redesigning the curriculum to fully exploit IoT, and creating new courses on IoT-enabled businesses, will be more challenging.”

—Bob Nilsson, director of solutions marketing, Extreme Networks

“The misconception that campus networks won’t be overloaded by HD video and streaming is risky. Even great networks cannot distribute multiple high-bandwidth HD streams across campus. Crestron has found campuses need a hybrid approach combining the best compression for network HD video and HDBaseT distribution to avoid overload.”

—Roger Takacs, director, education programs, Crestron

“One misconception may be the impact on privacy with IoT. There are security/permission models in many of the IoT ecosystems that are available, but how do you manage this when the set of edge devices and services cross ecosystem boundaries?”

—Chris Schoppa, senior director of smart device solutions and strategy, Harman Connected Services


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