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Proposal would pay SC college students majoring in education if they become teachers

Under the bill, majors with LIFE Scholarships could receive an additional $2,500 a year, beginning their sophomore year.
By: | April 14, 2022

As South Carolina looks to address its growing teacher shortage, educators say the problem is not worsening solely because more teachers are leaving the classroom, though that is a driver.

They say fewer people becoming teachers in the first place is exacerbating the issue, leaving more than 1,100 classrooms across the state without a teacher, as of February. But a proposal moving through the South Carolina Senate aims to incentivize students to take those jobs.

Currently students who receive LIFE or Palmetto Fellows Scholarships to attend South Carolina’s four-year, public and private colleges and universities can receive additional money while they are in school if they major in math or science.

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