Predictive Analytics and the Future of Enrollment Management

Using enrollment management data strategically
Data-driven enrollment management has become the standard in higher ed. But many institutions are still only beginning to realize the potential of predictive analytics, which can enable institutional leadership to strategically improve everything from incoming class headcounts and academic quality to diversity KPIs and financial aid outlays.

Attend this web seminar to learn more about predictive analytics and the future of enrollment management. The Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management at Arkansas State University will discuss how he brought his deep background in data-driven enrollment to campus, highlight the transformative impact his work has had on student retention, and provide strategies for using predictive analytics more effectively at any institution.

Topics will include:

  • How to tailor admissions outreach with greater efficiency
  • How to apply predictive analytics to enrollment management
  • How to identify and respond to student success barriers
  • How to nurture a data-driven environment on campus


Scheduled speakers:

Bryan Terry

Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management

Arkansas State University

James Cousins

Analyst Manager

Rapid Insight


Who will benefit:

Higher ed leaders interested in predictive analytics, enrollment or retention. Anyone may attend.

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