People Watch: Elizabeth Meade named Cedar Crest College president

Elizabeth Meade now holds the position of president at Cedar Crest College in Pennsylvania, following nearly two years of service as interim leader. She served previously as the college’s provost. Read more.

In other people news:

The Board of Trustees at Kentucky’s Thomas More University has named Joseph L. Chillo as the school’s 15th president. Chillo, who served as president of Newbury College in Massachusetts, officially takes the reins on June 1. Read more.

Mia Turel was in first grade when she asked her father to teach her how to chart the probability of losing her baby teeth over time. By second grade, she was reading high school-level books on Martin Luther King Jr. Then she became fascinated by TED Talks on global warming and marine biology. At age 12, she skipped six grades to attend California State University, Los Angeles. Read more.


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