Partnership in profile: Follett includeED

Course materials are essential to success in the classroom. As the cost of education continues to rise, many students are struggling to pay for their materials, and some even choose to go without them. At Southeastern University, Follett’s includED® program integrated the cost of textbooks and materials for all mathematics courses into tuition, ensuring that students are ready with everything they need on the first day of class.

At Southeastern University, a persistent problem facing the mathematics department was many students were not able to purchase all required course materials by the first day of class. Many students had to wait until they had the money to purchase their textbooks. As a result, it was difficult for professors to start teaching and for students to begin learning. Some students would not acquire the correct materials until a few weeks into classes, at which point they were so far behind they would drop the class.

The University partnered with Follett in 2013 to implement the includED program in its mathematics department, first with developmental students and soon with all general education math students. By including the cost of course materials into the tuition and fee framework, includED made it easier for students to be successful. They are now assured they will have access to all course materials day one without requiring a separate purchasing process. Through Follett, the University is able to work with publishers to get more consistent pricing for all students, and professors are able to begin effectively teaching on the first day of class as students are prepared.

According to the department chair, Follett’s includED program has allowed each and every student the peace of mind in eliminating concerns about how they are going to pay for their course materials. Because the textbook and materials costs are part of tuition, students can immediately begin working on the first day of class. Professors are relieved knowing students have all required materials at the start of the semester, creating more time for instruction, planning and ensuring student success.


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